One of the more common inquiries we get is from parents who are looking for daycare services. Choosing a daycare for your children is one of the biggest and important decisions you will likely have made up until this point of your parenting lives. This will be like a second home to your child for quite some time, so you want to make the right choice. First off, if you haven’t done so already you will want to go here and register for the official Ottawa daycare services wait list. It can be long… Even if you don’t decide on one of their Daycare’s definitely register.

If you are on the hunt for a daycare, we recommend that you stay away from home based daycare unless you actually know and trust the person who runs it. There have been numerous home based daycare providers who have been fined for having too many children than they are allowed. But really, when you are leaving your child with someone, you really do want to make sure it is someone who you can trust.

This is why going with a licensed daycare provider is your best option. You can do a day care search on the ministry of education’s website to find providers in your area.

Upon narrowing your choices down, you will want to make an appointment to visit each center in person. Take a tour, ask plenty of questions and talk to as many staff members as you can. You should get a good feeling right away whether or not you are comfortable with leaving your child in their care.

Another thing we can’t stress enough is that even if the daycare you like the best and are most comfortable with is not the most convenient for you in terms of location, you should still go with it. An extra half an hour or hour of driving per day should be a worthy sacrifice to make for your child’s happiness and well being.

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